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BTG Pactual is a Brazilian financial company that operates in the markets of investment banking, wealth management, and asset management. It offers advisory services in mergers and acquisitions, wealth planning, loans, and financings, as well as investment solutions and market analyses. It's the biggest investment bank in Latin America and the Caribbean. Also the 5th biggest bank in Brazil


Fundraise Information

Total Raise $15,000,000 USD
Soft Cap $3,000,000 USD
Raise Status -
Minimum Investment $0 USD
Accepted Investors U.S. - Accredited
Security Type Equity
Exemptions -
Instrument TBD

Token Information

Price Per (RBZ) -
Token Issuance Platform -
Token Protocol Other
Token Issuance Info -
Payment Options
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BTG Pactual plans to raise up to US$15 million through ReitBZ and will establish a secondary market following the security token offering in order to provide liquidity to the tokens. Eligibility criteria will ensure compliance with the applicable anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulatory requirements. The offering will not be available to investors who are residents of Brazil or the United States. Residents of certain other countries may also be precluded from investing ReitBZ (RBZ), a security token that will grant purchasers access to the distressed real estate market in Brazil, through blockchain-based technology


Token holders will be able to participate in Brazil's promising and growing real estate market with the knowledge and expertise of the largest real estate manager in the country


“The tokenization of real assets is a major step forward in the evolution of the crypto economy”
“Banco BTG Pactual SA, Latin America’s biggest standalone investment bank, is joining the world of crypto assets with its own security token”