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Raise Start

April 14, 2020

Minimum Investment


Tigris Immobilien GmbH is a successful and experienced real estate developer in Germany and Austria.

Fundraise Status

Number Investors 1,000
Raise Close Date May 31, 2020
Last Updated April 08, 2020

Raise Progress Closed

0% Complete
Current Amount Raised $0USD


Fundraise Information

Total Raise $2,000,000 USD
Soft Cap $0 USD
Raise Status Open since Planning
Minimum Investment $500 USD
Accepted Investors International Non Us
Security Type Equity
Exemptions TBA
Instrument Profit-sharing

Token Information

Price Per (TIGRIS S17A) $500
Token Issuance Platform Black Manta Capital
Token Protocol T-Rex
Token Issuance Info TBA
Payment Options
  • BTC
  • Other

Token Rights

Token holders participate in the profits arising from the development of a residential house in Berlin, its refurbishment and the subsequent sell-off of all apartments. After the sale of the apartments, the token investors participate with 20% of the total project profit.



The company offers for the first time the opportunity for token investors without local expertise to participate in the profitable real estate development business typically reserved to big-ticket investors.

The token holders’ and the sponsor’s interests are aligned through the economic structure and the respective documents.


The total yield for token investors is estimated at 8% p.a. (IRR before tax).

The token investors investing more than EUR 15,000 will be preferred in the sale of the apartments.