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June 29, 2020

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Blockchain Company is a utility that connects everyone through media and technology to the ecosystem of blockchain

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Number Investors 0
Raise Close Date August 31, 2020
Last Updated June 23, 2020

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Total Raise $11,358,546 USD
Soft Cap $1,000,000 USD
Raise Status Open since Planning
Minimum Investment $113,387 USD
Accepted Investors international non us
Exemptions TBA
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Price Per (BCT) $.16
Token Issuance Platform Tokeny
Token Protocol T-Rex
Security Type -
Token Issuance Info Tokeny
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Blockchain Company (BC) is building a unique ecosystem to help bring pragmatic utilities and applications to around 7.5 billion consumers with Blockchain, 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies and Cryptocurrencies. BC successfully conducted two seed rounds over the last two years raising EUR 2.5 miilion at a valuation of EUR 25 million through a Family Office. The seed capital has helped with significant alpha beta development of several projects. 


Funds shall be raised for the 3 main projects of Blockchain Company. Therefore, BlockchainCompany increases its capital by 5% equity for EUR 10m in the interim period before these token platform distribution events.

In addition to equity shareholdings, investors will also benefit from rights to pro-rata tokens in every one of future token events going forward, from what the company retains in each token event.