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Coinseed lets you invest your spare change in crypto and earn your cash backs in crypto. Simply invest your spare change and join the community to learn from your fellow investors and to exchange ideas. Invest, trade and learn


Fundraise Information

Total Raise $0 USD
Soft Cap -
Raise Status -
Minimum Investment $0 USD
Accepted Investors U.S. - Accredited
Security Type Revenue Sharing
Exemptions -
Instrument TBA

Token Information

Price Per (CSD) -
Token Issuance Platform -
Token Protocol Other
Token Issuance Info -
Payment Options
  • ETH
  • BTC
  • Other

Token Rights




A user can simply collect their spare change to invest or he/she can be more active by controlling their portfolio day to day. The Coinseed platform ranks the users’ portfolios by their returns. Any user can replicate another user’s portfolio with just a click of a button. We rank all users’ portfolios by their returns and our users can copy the best performing portfolios from each other


When a Coinseed user converts their current portfolio to another portfolio that they like, there is a 1% fee on the total asset that is being converted. Coinseed will distribute 50% of this revenue to the CSD token holders every month


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