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Corl is a financial technology company that invests in startups using artificial intelligence and shares in their future revenue. Corl uses big data, machine learning, and advanced risk management to evaluate startups; reducing time, energy, and cost for businesses that need quick capital to grow. Our innovative funding platform takes a business 10 minutes to apply, and investment decisions are made in under 2 weeks. By offering revenue-sharing investments, Corl earns a consistent source of monthly cashflow and allow businesses to grow on their own terms with no personal guarantees, board seats, or equity position. Furthermore, Corl will be the first company to go public through a token, meaning that 100% of the equity in Corl will trade publicly as a regulated security on the Ethereum network.


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Instrument IPO

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Token Protocol ST-20 (ethereum)
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All information will be made available upon IPO approval in Canada.



Traditional venture capital lacks technology, relies more on opinion rather than data, and the model doesn’t scale. The Corl platform was developed to streamline business onboarding, investment and risk analysis, origination, and servicing of the agreements. The platform integrates directly with the investee company’s accounting, banking, credit, payment, and social APIs to perform real-time assessments, at scale, and automate the servicing of the royalty investments. Furthermore, Corl will be the first company to go public through a token, meaning that investors in Corl will have liquidity, price clarity, and a diverse global pool of investors to trade with on secondary markets because of blockchain technology.


Corl has pre-filed prospectus with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) in Quebec, Canada. Upon approval, Corl will be the first company in the world to IPO a token. Full details will be made available upon approval of IPO.


Sam Kawtharani


Derek Manuge