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October 14, 2019

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We design, engineer and produce high-end smart electric bicycles with amazing technology and performance.

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Number Investors 951
Raise Close Date November 26, 2019
Last Updated November 27, 2019

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100% Complete
Current Amount Raised $1,538,114USD


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Total Raise $1,538,114 USD
Soft Cap $1,078,156 USD
Raise Status Open since Active
Minimum Investment $109 USD
Accepted Investors US & International Accredited Only
Security Type equity
Exemptions Reg CF
Instrument Equity

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Price Per (GRP) $0.145
Token Issuance Platform Neufund
Token Protocol ERC-20
Token Issuance Info TBA
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Greyp is already backed by large investors such as Porsche and Camel Group, and their major partner Deutsche Telekom. Now, the main goal of the company is to expand it's community and help retail investors become a part of the connected mobility future.

Greyp is a European mobility company building some of the “most technologically advanced bikes in the world.” The company was founded and led by Mate Rimac, who also founded Rimac Automobili, an electric hypercar manufacturer backed by Hyundai and Kia among others. Greyp itself has been backed by automobile industry leader Porsche and one of the largest battery manufacturers from Asia, Camel Group. Furthermore, Greyp has secured partnerships with telecom giant T-Mobile and enterprise-grade blockchain company, Energy Web Foundation.


🚀 First ETO for retail-investors in the world!

🎉 Greyp reached their softcap after just 72 hours

⚡️Greyp has raised over USD 1.5 million from over 900 investors already

🌏 Investing, Democratized. The median ticket size is just $444