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LDC Crypto is a subsidiary of Lottery.com. The Company was formed to further develop the Lottery.com digital platform, to facilitate expansion into raffles, sweepstakes and other games of chance for charity fundraising events offered through the platform on a global scale. The raffles hosted on the platform will benefit various charities and other organizations and causes around the world. It is expected that LDC Crypto will be able to operate raffles on the LDC Platform starting in the fourth quarter of 2018. LDC Crypto expects that a variety of charities, sports franchises, and other organizations will use the LDC Platform for raffles, sweepstakes and other games of chance and similar contests.


Fundraise Information

Total Raise $300,000,000 USD
Soft Cap -
Raise Status Open since 2018-07-12T00:00:00Z
Minimum Investment $100,000 USD
Accepted Investors -
Security Type Revenue Sharing
Exemptions -
Instrument Securitizes

Token Information

Price Per (TBD) $2.00
Token Issuance Platform -
Token Protocol S3 (ethereum)
Token Issuance Info 1 year
Payment Options
  • ETH
  • USD
  • BTC

Token Rights

7 percent quarterly distribution



Designed to capture the value and revenue exclusive to the Global Impact business of Lottery.com The Investor participates in a fixed percentage of revenue (7%) derived from Net Raffle Revenue on the Lottery.com Global Impact Raffle Platform Presale discount 50% -- ending soon To view documents please use password Lottery.


Digital Securities Offering: LDC Crypto Universal Lottery.com is an industry leader and the category brand in the global lottery space The Global Impact Platform is gamifying the way traditional charities, sports franchises, celebrity causes, and NGOs raise funds. The platform is designed to generate significant prizes for players while raising much-needed funds for critical humanitarian needs