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Our mission is to redefine how art is bought, sold and authenticated worldwide, and to enable more universal participation in the global art market


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Minimum Investment $0 USD
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Security Type Dividend
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Token Rights

LOOK has inherent functionalities, including: (i) access to our provenance system, (ii) access to experts’ opinions on pricing and authenticity, (iii) access to services rendered by Look Lateral pricing and indexing algorithms, where members can be informed about price histories, (iv) access to FIMART through tagging and and APO processes, (v) education, where art professionals will educate the crypto-community, which in turn will educate the formers, and where the crypto-community will educate FIMART members in the art world, (vi) promotion of emerging artists.



Each LOOK will carry an ownership interest in Look Lateral Inc, and this interest will allow Look Holders to participate in dividends by the Company. Look Holders will also have representation on Look Lateral’s Board of Directors. Each LOOK will earn a portion of revenues generated on Look Lateral’s art marketplace. Each LOOK will earn benefits, advantages and experiences through the implementation of Look Lateral loyalty program




Niccolò Filippo Veneri Savoia

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sieng van Tran

Chief Strategy Officer

Imamu Baraka Frazier


Antonio Mele

Head of Analytics and Finance Advisor

Tino Cennamo

Executive Officer Look Lateral Italy

Charles Horne

Financial Executive Advisor


Joe Roets

Blockchain Advisor

Piers Heaton Armstrong

Business Advisor

Andrea Beltratti

Business Advisor

Matteo Daste

Legal Advisor

Stephan Horvath

Sr. Strategy Advisor

Ross Stokes

Business Advisor