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Neufund provides an end-to-end solution for asset tokenization and issuance. Its open-source set of protocols for enhanced ownership allow anyone to give real-world assets a representation on the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of legally-binding security tokens


Fundraise Information

Total Raise $0 USD
Soft Cap -
Raise Status Open since 2018-12-09T00:00:00Z
Minimum Investment $1,395,882 USD
Accepted Investors -
Security Type LP Insterest
Exemptions -
Instrument TBD

Token Information

Price Per (FTH) $.21
Token Issuance Platform -
Token Protocol Other
Token Issuance Info -
Payment Options
  • ETH
  • Euro

Token Rights




The FORCE token represents an equity-like interest in Fifth Force GmbH, the company operating the Neufund platform. The FORCE (FTH) Token is the first fully compliant equity token issued under German jurisdiction. Holding FORCE entitles the equity tokenholder to shareholder rights (e.g dividends, voting, etc) in the company. Depending on the jurisdiction, FTH might be qualified differently


Investors don’t need to be accredited or qualified. Retail investors can also participate in the Equity Token Offerings (ETO) offered through our platform. However, to participate in the ongoing offering of Fifth Force GmbH there is a minimum ticket size threshold set at 100k EUR


Zoe Adamovicz

Co-Founder & CEO

Marcin Rudolf

Co-Founder & CTO

André Eggert

Legal Architect

Agnieszka Sarnecka

VP of Ventures

Piotr Stroinski

VP of Secondary Markets

Ula Lachowicz

VP of Marketing


“The innovative German company Neufund has just launched an Equity Token Offering which claims to be the world’s first”