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Spin provides your community with dockless scooter-share to get you where you need to go—whether you’re commuting to work, going to class, running errands on the weekends or exploring your city. With Spin, you’re free to roam


Fundraise Information

Total Raise $125,000,000 USD
Soft Cap -
Raise Status -
Minimum Investment $0 USD
Accepted Investors -
Security Type Equity
Exemptions -
Instrument TBD

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Price Per (SPIN) -
Token Issuance Platform -
Token Protocol Other
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Spin tokens will be backed by actual financial instruments, which in this case is Spin's revenue. Spin is raising $125 million via a Secure Token Offering, although the company hasn't officially listed its tokens for sale on an exchange yet. The person told Business Insider that it may list on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, but it is waiting for more mainstream exchanges like Coinbase to support STOs.




Euwyn Poon

Co-Founder & President

Derrick Ko

CEO & Co-Founder

Zaizhuang Cheng


Brian No

Head of Public Policy

Benny Wong


Ben Bear



“"The scooters are a hit because they make it easier to get around places where congestion renders driving a horror show, and public transit service is falling behind."”
“"Spin also announced that it is bringing its service to a double handful of new cities and regions."”
“"Spin's solution is to give people the ability to rent a bike where they currently are, not where the bikes live in a designated rack — the way traditional bikeshare programs work. Just like Zipcar does for people who need a car, Spin's app connects users to nearby bikes to rent them out for as long as they need."”
“"Instead of trying to work around the cities, they are engaging with the cities."”