19000 Fenton St Token


$55.18 USD (0.05%)

24h Volume

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May 14, 2023

Last Trade
May 14, 2023

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Fundraise Information

Total Raise $1,201,440 USD
Soft Cap $3,600 USD
Raise Status Open since Closed
Minimum Investment $1,201,440 USD
Accepted Investors Tba
Security Type -
Exemptions Reg D and Reg S
Instrument TBA

Token Information

Price Per (RealT) $55.18 USD (0.05%)
Token Issuance Platform RealT
Token Protocol ERC-20
Token Issuance Info In-House
Payment Options tba

Token Rights

Each token grants the token holder the right to rent payments made by the tenant in the form of DAI (stablecoin)



Fenton has strong tenant demand, with three churches next door (Harvest Christian Church, Redford Church, Westside Bible Church) and a park that starts at Oak Grove (less than a mile from the property) and goes down to Eliza Howell Park. The property is also positioned with easy access to shopping, dining, and commuter routes, which increases quality of life for our tenants. Fenton is also located near the Redford district, chosen by Ford to re-establish a factory.


Expected Income 11% not including capital appreciation Rent Start Date 2022-05-23 Rent per Token$ 5.51 / year Token Price$ 50.06 Total Tokens 24,000 Property Type Multi Family Neighborhood Five Points Construction Year 1963 2 Stories Total Units 24 Units Bedroom/Bath 12x1, 12x2 Bed / 24x1 Bath Rental Type Long-term Rented? Fully Rented Section 8? No