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June 14, 2024

Last Trade
June 14, 2024
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Fundraise Information

Total Raise $2,507,122 USD
Soft Cap $0 USD
Raise Status Closed
Minimum Investment $5,000 USD
Accepted Investors US Accredited
Exemptions Reg D
Instrument Equity
Token Issuance Info 12 Month lock up period due to RegD

Token Information

Price Per (ENFD) $4.05 USD (0%)
Token Issuance Platform tZERO
Blockchains Available On Ethereum
Security Type Lp Fund Interest
Asset Class Pooled Investment Fund Interest
Payment Options USD

Token Rights

All the profits of the Company, after fees and other expenses, will be distributed in proportion to the number of Class A Shares owned. Holders of Class A Shares do not have the right to vote or otherwise participate in the management of the Company. Instead, the Manager controls all aspects of the Company’s business.



EnergyFunders Yield Fund I LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, (the “Fund”) was formed in 2021 to invest in various oil and gas interests, including direct purchases of working interests in both producing wells and undrilled well locations, investments via participation agreements, and natural-gas powered bitcoin mining.

The Fund closed the first-round of its Regulation D offering on January 15, 2022, issuing 250,712 of its Class A-2 shares for a total initial capital raise of $2,507,122. It’s manager EF Manager LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of EnergyFunders LLC (“EnergyFunders”).

The Company was formed to (i) invest in oil and gas properties, including wells with proven, developed and producing reserves, wells undeveloped but with proven reserves, and developed wells not presently producing, (ii) engage in bitcoin mining, (iii) operate and offer to oil and gas operators the ability to use saltwater disposal wells, and (iv) engage in any other acts necessary or related to the foregoing.


The ENFD token offers investors a gateway to the Yield Fund, targeting proven, lower-risk oil and gas reserves, encompassing both development and producing wells.

Each holder of Class A Shares is an owner of the Company, which is a Delaware limited liability company. Ownership of Class A Shares is governed by the Limited Liability Company Agreement of the Company (the “LLC Agreement”) and by the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act.