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Price Per Token


Raise Start


Minimum Investment

tZERO’s blockchain technologies aim to revolutionize the market and fix the inherent inefficiencies of Wall Street so that financial processes are less beholden to traditional, institutional market structures.


Fundraise Information

Total Raise $134,000,000 USD
Soft Cap $50,000,000 USD
Raise Status Closed
Minimum Investment -
Accepted Investors -
Security Type dividend
Exemptions -
Instrument N/A

Token Information

Price Per (TZRO) $10
Token Issuance Platform tZero
Token Protocol ERC-20
Token Issuance Info -
Payment Options BTC

Token Rights

The tZERO token will pay 10% of adjusted gross revenue to token holders on a quarterly basis, subject to board approval and the conditions outlined in the offering memorandum.



By distributing a dividend, we are striving to provide our investors with a clear,comprehensible return on their investment.Promotes price stability by encouraging token holders to temporarily lock uptokens in order to receive dividends. Although tZero deployed the token contract and created the tokens, holders cannot access them until January 10, 2019. To comply with securities regulations, they must remain in a custodial wallet for 90 days after issuance. After this period, holders and other accredited investors will be able to trade them on a platform tZero is currently developing. Non-accredited investors can join the party by August 6, 2019, through an approved trading platform. tZero also plans to register the securities to allow secondary trading on international exchanges.


1. To develop a token trading system capable of trading crypto securities. 2. To allow firms worldwide to break the constraints of traditional finance in orderto access a global pool of capital for crypto securities with the first tradingsystem for secondary market liquidity. 3. An operational tZERO trading system could fundamentally disrupt existing capital M=markets, by potentially allowing any public or private company to tradetheir own tokenized security.


Patrick Byrne

Executive Chairman

Saum Noursalehi


Ralph Daiuto

COO & General Counsel

John Gilchrist




“Overstock’s tZERO Closes Its Security Token Offering Tonight”
“Overstock’s tZero Signs Letter of Intent for $160 Mln Security Token Investment”
“Overstock's tZERO Reveals Prototype Of Security Token Trading Platform”
“"The newly appointed CEO of tZERO, Saum Noursalehi, said that the two companies would work with the SEC to get approval to create “a first-of-its-kind platform that will integrate blockchain capital markets into the current US National Market System.””

Use of Funds

Future Development of the Token and Token Trading System


Strategic Acquisitions and Investments


Development of Functional Utility Features for Token Holders


Augmenting Technology, Infrastructure, and Personnel


Legal Expenses


Repayable of Amounts Payable to Overstock


Lobbying Lawmakers and Regulatory Authorities Related to Blockchain Technologies and Security Tokens


Development of Products and Services