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$227.94 USD (0.31%)

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November 20, 2023

Last Trade
November 20, 2023
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Fundraise Status

Number Investors 70
Raise Close Date November 25, 2019
Last Updated August 15, 2022

Raise Progress Closed

Soft Cap
100% Complete
Current Amount Raised $615,000USD


Fundraise Information

Total Raise $615,000 USD
Soft Cap $10,000 USD
Raise Status Closed
Minimum Investment $615,000 USD
Accepted Investors tba
Exemptions Reg S
Instrument Dividend

Token Information

Price Per (RealT) $227.94 USD (0.31%)
Token Issuance Platform RealT
Token Protocol ERC-20
Security Type -
Token Issuance Info RealT
Payment Options
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Other
  • USD

Token Rights

Each token grants the token holder the right to rent payments made by the tenant in the form of DAI (stablecoin)



Located near to Ford’s new factory, 16200 Fullerton is well-suited to capture the regrowth of Detroit’s manufacturing industry. With its 1.2-million-square-foot campus, focused on electric and self-driving vehicles, Ford estimates it will generate 5,000 new jobs in the local area. Also found nearby are local schools and businesses, putting the Fullerton apartments at the center of economic activity in Detroit. Just a few minutes outside of downtown, Fullerton is a great place for those who want access to the city life while still enjoying residential, quiet side of the industrial city.


Property Highlights

Expected Yield: TBD%

Rent per Token: $13.68 / year

Token Price: $144.74

Total Tokens: 3,800

Property Type: Apartment

Neighborhood: Orchard Grove Park

Square Feet: 14,400

Rented?: 10 / 14 Units


Gross Rent / year: $71,142.85

Gross Rent / month: $5,928.57

Monthly Costs: $1,595.67

Net Rent / month: $4,332.90

Net Rent / year: $51,994.80

Total Investment: $550,000.00