5942 Audubon Rd Token


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$129.91 USD (0.57%)

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November 20, 2023

Last Trade
November 20, 2023
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Fundraise Status

Number Investors 93
Raise Close Date December 31, 2019
Last Updated May 26, 2021

Raise Progress Closed

Soft Cap
100% Complete
Current Amount Raised $58,300USD


Fundraise Information

Total Raise $58,300 USD
Soft Cap $10,000 USD
Raise Status Open since Active
Minimum Investment $58,300 USD
Accepted Investors tba
Exemptions Reg S
Instrument Dividends

Token Information

Price Per (RealT) $129.91 USD (0.57%)
Token Issuance Platform RealT
Token Protocol ERC-20
Security Type -
Token Issuance Info RealT
Payment Options
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Other
  • USD

Token Rights

Each token grants the token holder the right to rent payments made by the tenant in the form of DAI (stablecoin)



With easy access to Highway 94, and only a stroll away from East English Village and Grosse Pointe, the Morningside neighborhood is sure to benefit from the surrounding area’s significant growth. Get access to this neighborhood before the $69,900 median price drastically increases. The adjacent North End neighborhood’s median listing is quickly approaching $130,000, and the Lower East’s median is well over $105,000. Seize this unique opportunity to own a piece of quintessential Detroit property.


Property Highlights

Expected Yield: 12.4%

Rent Start Date: 2019-11-04

Rent per Token: $9.64 / year

Token Price: $77.73

Total Tokens: 750

Property Type: Single Family

Neighborhood: Morningside

Square Feet: 1,566

Bedroom/Bath: 3 Bed. / 1.5 Bath

Rented?: Fully Rented


Gross Rent / year: $10,200.00

Gross Rent / month: $850.00

Monthly Costs: $247.34

Net Rent / month: $602.66

Net Rent / year: $7,231.92

Total Investment: $58,300.00

Expected Yield: 12.40%