Blockstream ASIC (BASIC) Note 1 Token


$205,203 USD (0.07%)

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June 16, 2024

Last Trade
June 16, 2024
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Fundraise Information

Total Raise $0 USD
Soft Cap $0 USD
Raise Status Closed
Minimum Investment $115,000 USD
Accepted Investors International Accredited
Exemptions N/A
Instrument Unsecured Note
Token Issuance Info No lockout period

Token Information

Price Per (BSIC1) $205202.95 USD (0.07%)
Token Issuance Platform STOKR
Blockchains Available On Liquid
Security Type Asset Derivative
Asset Class Asset Backed Securities
Payment Options TBA

Token Rights

Proceeds generated by the liquidation of the specific lot of ASICs for each Series will only be transferred to the final token holders at Maturity. BASIC Note investors cannot claim the proceeds generated by the liquidation of the specific lot of ASICs at any point before Maturity.



The Blockstream ASIC Note ("BASIC Note") provides investors with access to the Bitcoin mining equipment (ASICs) market opportunity. Leveraging Blockstream's long track record, leading market position, substantial scale, broad expertise, and strong relationships across the ASIC supply chain, the BASIC structure plans to acquire and warehouse new and unused ASICs at attractive prices, and to eventually strategically sell them back into the market as the industry rebounds within the next 12-24 months

The BASIC Notes are unsecured Notes issued by ORO Fund (I) – BASIC, a distinct compartment under the ORO Fund (I), an umbrella securitisation fund (fonds de titrisation) within the meaning of Luxembourg securitisation law. The BASIC Notes represent the right to the proceeds deriving from acquiring, holding and selling a specific lot of ASICs for each Series in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. BASIC Notes are issued on the Liquid Network with ticker symbol BSIC (series number).


The Maturity Date will be 24 months starting from the date the BASIC Notes of the related series are issued but may be extended to 2 consecutive periods of 12 months at the discretion of the Issuer or may mature earlier if all of the related ASICs have been resold into the market.

BASIC Notes issued across different series will not be interchangeable or fungible, as each note's proceeds are tied to a distinct lot of ASICs. However, notes within the same series will be fungible. To clarify, if 80 BSIC1 notes are issued in Series 1, these 80 BSIC1 notes will be fungible. But if another 80 BSIC2 notes are issued subsequently, these will not be fungible with the BSIC1 notes.