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$11.43 USD (1.69%)

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November 19, 2023

Last Trade
November 19, 2023

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Fundraise Information

Total Raise $10,500,000 USD
Soft Cap $1,000 USD
Raise Status Closed
Minimum Investment $10,500,000 USD
Accepted Investors international non us
Exemptions TBA
Instrument Security Token

Token Information

Price Per (BOSS) $11.43 USD (1.69%)
Token Issuance Platform Mt Pelerin
Token Protocol ERC-20
Security Type -
Token Issuance Info No Lockout Period due to "No Transfer Restrictions" on Tokenization and Registration Regulations of Boss Info AG 2.0 – EN (signed PDF)
Payment Options tba

Token Rights

Your rights correspond to the legal requirements: The shareholders are entitled to the statutory shareholder rights. Each share has one vote at the General Meeting (“AGM”). The powers of the individual company bodies of the BI correspond to the legal provisions, this applies in particular to the AGM. As before, BI's profits will either be invested in increasing the value of the company or distributed to shareholders as a dividend. The focus is on the sustainable increase in the value of the company.



The Boss Info team with over 300 specialists works towards a common goal every day: By using innovative technologies, they digitize the business processes of SMEs with industry solutions, consulting, ICT solutions and services. The consistent implementation of the strategy and the living of the company values ​​- competence, fairness, long-termism and commitment - have made Boss Info what it is today:


Boss Info AG tokenized 100% of its shares in summer 2021: The new laws in Switzerland allow the shares to be issued as tokens Through tokenization, shares can be easily transferred peer-2-peer Swiss law stipulates 1 share = 1 token (not divisible) Boss Info AG has 10.5 million shares = 10.5 million tokens The share/securities book will now be kept in the blockchain Purchasing shares makes it possible to participate directly in the development and economic success of Boss Info AG. This includes both the potential increase in value of the share and possible dividend payments. However, the dividend is not considered promised and can occur over several years. As far as the value of the shares themselves is concerned, a decline in value is theoretically possible until the invested capital is lost. This is part of the entrepreneurial risk.