Realio Security Token


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$0.93 USD (7%)

24h Volume

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Last Trade
February 22, 2024

Last Trade
February 22, 2024
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Fundraise Information

Total Raise $17,000,000 USD
Soft Cap $0 USD
Raise Status Open since Active
Minimum Investment $1,000 USD
Accepted Investors US Accredited
Exemptions RegD and RegS
Instrument Equity/Utility Hybrid
Token Issuance Info 12-month lockup period for RegD, none for RegS

Token Information

Price Per (RST) $0.93 USD (7%)
Token Issuance Platform Realio Issuance Network
Blockchains Available On Stellar
Security Type Other
Asset Class Equity
Payment Options USD

Token Rights




RST is issued as a hybrid security token to represent ownership of the Realio Ecosystem. The Realio Security Token (RST) represents an investment in the platform and ecosystem and offers a revenue stream in the form of profit share. Holders of RST can also run a node on the Realio Network to validate transactions while earning block rewards and additional revenues from issuance fees paid out in RIO. RST will be sold through a security token offering (STO).The RST token fund will own 100% of the Realio technology platform and have a maximum supply of 50,000,000 RST tokens


1. First true "hybrid" equity/utility token designed for DeFi application

2. RST Tokens Offer Equity & Utility in the Realio Ecosystem

3. Hybrid tokens provide 3 sources of yield (DeFi based yield, Network based revenue, Revenue from business operations)