WisdomTree Siegel Longevity Digital Fund Token


$10.485 USD (0.06%)

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April 17, 2024

Last Trade
April 17, 2024
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Fundraise Information

Total Raise -
Soft Cap -
Raise Status Closed
Minimum Investment $25 USD
Accepted Investors Non-Accredited Retail
Exemptions N/A
Instrument Fund
Token Issuance Info No lockout period

Token Information

Price Per (LNGVX) $10.485 USD (0.06%)
Token Issuance Platform WisdomTree Prime
Blockchains Available On Stellar
Security Type Lp Fund Interest
Asset Class Pooled Investment Fund Interest
Payment Options USD

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The WisdomTree Siegel Longevity Digital Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation utilizing an asset allocation strategy by predominantly investing in exchange traded funds, including a significant portion of WisdomTree ETFs. The Fund is designed to challenge the more traditional 60/40 allocation (i.e., 60% equities/40% fixed income) by weighting the allocation more toward equities in seeking to address increased longevity as people are generally living longer. The Fund's asset allocation is constructed by the Fund's adviser, WisdomTree Digital Management, Inc. and implemented by a sub-adviser.

The Fund leverages insights from Professor Jeremy J. Siegel, Senior Economist to WisdomTree and Emeritus Professor of Finance at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Siegel does not have any day-to-day responsibility with respect to the fund.

Issuer(s): WisdomTree
Inception Date: 12/6/2023
Country/Jurisdiction: United States
Expense Ratio: 0.42%
Asset Class: Asset Allocation
Sub-Asset Class: Siegel Collaboration Strategies
CUSIP: 97717K824


This listing is for informational purposes only, highlighting the issuance information. The market cap on this listing represents the Assets Under Management (AUM). Trading data is currently unavailable

- The fund is designed to outperform a traditional 60% equity/40% fixed income portfolio in a risk-conscious manner by structurally allocating more toward equities over fixed income and tilting toward factors such as dividend yield and low valuation ratios to seek higher income generation and outperformance potential.
- The Fund has a 0.42% expense ratio and only a $25 minimum to invest. Brokerage commissions are expected to apply on all purchase and sell orders of Fund shares.
- Shares will be secondarily recorded using on-chain recordkeeping on the Stellar or Ethereum blockchain. The Fund uses blockchain technology to maintain a secondary record of its shares.
- The Fund will be available exclusively through the WisdomTree Prime financial app.