Mt Pelerin Token

MPS Sushiswap

$10.59 USD (0%)

24h Volume

Market Cap

Last Trade
December 9, 2021

Last Trade
December 9, 2021
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MPS Sushiswap Price

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Fundraise Status

Number Investors 100
Raise Close Date December 09, 2021
Last Updated December 09, 2021

Raise Progress Closed

0% Complete
Current Amount Raised -


Fundraise Information

Total Raise $215,000 USD
Soft Cap $0 USD
Raise Status Open since tba
Minimum Investment $215,000 USD
Accepted Investors Tba
Security Type Equity
Exemptions TBA
Instrument Tokenized Equity

Token Information

Price Per (MPS Sushiswap) $10.59 USD (0%)
Token Issuance Platform Mt Pelerin
Token Protocol ERC-20
Token Issuance Info TBA
Payment Options Other

Token Rights

Shareholder rights as defined by Swiss law, including voting and dividend rights.




MPS token holders will be entitled to annual dividends and voting rights once they have completed KYC with Mt Pelerin Group SA and whitelisted their wallet address in the process