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October 5, 2022

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October 5, 2022
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Fundraise Information

Total Raise $19,000,000 USD
Soft Cap $1,000 USD
Raise Status Open since Active
Minimum Investment $19,000,000 USD
Accepted Investors Tba
Security Type Revenue Sharing
Exemptions TBA
Instrument TIRC Security Token

Token Information

Price Per (TIRC) $0.21 USD (0%)
Token Issuance Platform CryptoSX
Token Protocol Other
Token Issuance Info Pre-sale discount from Nov 16 From: tinagaislandresort.com TIR Tokens are issued to your Ravencoin (RVN) wallet address. Please have a ravencoin wallet or download an IOS or Android version from ravencoin.org
Payment Options
  • BTC
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Token Rights

(TIRC) security tokens provide benefits profit sharing in villa sales, hotel operations and ownership benefits for investors.



Tinaga Resorts Launches Beach Resort backed Securitized Token Offering

Manila,  November 9, 2020 (ACCESSWIRE) – Tinaga Resorts Corp (TRC) today announced that it has issued a Securitized Token Offering “STO” to raise $10.60 million for the development of a 5 star beach resort. Tokens go on sale on November 16, 2020 at www.tinagaislandresort.com.

This STO is the first such in the world involving a marquee beach resort. The beach was voted the #1 beach in Philippines by Price Waterhouse Coopers “PWC” and our lot is the best lot on beach.  https://www.pwc.com/ph/en/gems/calaguas.html

The Tinaga Island Resort Token “TIRC”

Market Cap and Valuation:  

The initial market cap is $19M.  The land valuation is $8.40M.  Our budget is $10.6M to build the resort.  The asset will continually appreciate as we secure a 5-star resort hotel management company, a world renowned architect, and then build the resort. Your ownership via the TIRC token is pro-rata of this valuation.


Additional revenue returns will commence from December 2021 by the ‘off-plan’ private sales of the luxury villas.  The first stage approximately 25 villas will generate approximately $12.5M.  Second stage will be another $25M in sales.  The net income from these sales will be shared pro-rata with token holders in 2023.

Driving Token Value:

From the outset, we will drive value in the token but revealing partners (architects, interior designers, etc.) adding exchanges, revealing the ‘green paper’, 5-star hotel management company and a host of other announcements.

Resort Operations:

The Tinaga Luxury Resort will begin operations in approximately December 2024. Once operational, the token will generate profit from the hotel operations.


Ownership in TIRC Tokens allows you to enjoy income from the villas sales and hotel operations. And the appreciating real estate asset as we secure hotel management, an architect, interior designers etc.

This digital security was issued on the Ravencoin Blockchain.

“We are thrilled to see the Tinaga Resorts TIRC digital security on the Ravencoin blockchain”, said Tron Black, lead developer of Ravencoin. “Tokenizing and trading private securities like TIRC will be the future model that will enable broader investor access, provide liquidity optionality, and reduce the cost of capital.”

We will start selling TIRC on November 16, 2020 on our website at $0.10 per token (50% discount).  TIRC token sales (with limited pre-listing discount) will go on sale November 16, 2020 until the allocation of US$1 million is sold out.


Pre-Sale of 50% discounted TIRC tokens begins from November 16th, 2020 - February 28th, 2021 or until sold out from http://tinagaislandresort.com 

Post pre-sale, we will sell TIRC tokens at 0.20 cents from our website prior to 1st Exchange listing.

Listing on a fully licensed STO exchange in March/ April 2021

Listing on a second STO exchange in May/ June 2021

TIR Tokens on sale to Public - 0.20 cents: from March 1st, 2021

Major announcements according to our roadmap on our website. 

Join our Telegram channel to stay up to date: t.me/tinagaislandresort 


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